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Torsion with GE

Distributed Measurements on Large Structures

FEMTools, a Partner for Modal Updating


17-19   Space Tech Europe

Bremen, Germany, Booth #43.
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25-26   International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration

ISAV2015, Tehran, Iran, booth #L14D.
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2   Test and Measurement Day

Aix-en-Provence, France.
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GE - OROS: Torsional Vibration Determination

GE and OROS publish together a paper called “Field measurement techniques and instrumentation for torsional vibration determination”. This paper has been presented in 2 international conferences in October.
It describes practical field challenges of torsional natural frequency determination, using the OROS noise and vibration analyzers associated with the Torsion & Twist software module. Read more on the OROS blog...


Distributed Vibration Measurements on Large Structures

The challenge of modern aerospace Noise & Vibration measurement is mainly related to the structures’ size. Large aircrafts (interior or exterior) require to be checked simultaneously on all measurement points. Long and numerous cables are time-consuming and costly actions.

The latest generation of OROS instruments, the Teamwork range, offers flexible and productive solutions for large structures tests. Read more on the blog...

Come and meet us on booth #43 at Space Tech Expo, Bremen, Germany, 17-19 November.

OROS and FEMTools, Partners to Offer the Solution for Modal Updating

OROS, as a test and measurement specialist, has been offering dedicated solutions for structural dynamics for many years. But most often the scope of tests is wider than experimental. It’s essential to propose a solution for simulation. That’s why we work in partnership with Dynamic Design Solutions (DDS) for simulation issues. Read more on the blog...

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