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POMA trusts OROS

A new eNVH module to characterize electromagnetic sources

NEW! SOUNDSPOT – Spot the loudest noise source immediately

Advanced temporary monitoring



24-26   Automotive Testing Expo China

Hall 1, SWEECC, Shanghai, China
China’s largest full-vehicle and automotive components exhibition. Come and meet our team at booth #12030.
Conference in the Technology Demonstration Area on Day 2, 2.30pm: NVH assessment and optimization for EVs and HEVs by Zhengyun Chen, OROS Application engineer.
More info.

24-26   Measurement World

Paris, France
Visit booth E10 to discover the latest in innovative noise & vibration measurement technology at OROS! More info

22-24   Automotive Testing Expo

Novi, MI, USA
Find OROS Americas Inc team at booth #16020. More info.
Free-To-Attend Technology Demonstration Area on Day 2: NVH assessment and optimization for EVs and HEVs.

29-30   CMVA, Annual Technical Conference

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
OROS will be present at booth#1 through our Canadian representative, Novel Dynamics, during this annual event hosted by  the Canadian Machinery Vibration Association. More info.


POMA: a world leader in ropeway transportation

POMA has selected OROS to further advance their knowledge of the structural dynamics of their installations. OR35 is a portable and rugged instrument, which can be easily transported up to pylon locations on site , or directly embedded into a gondola lift. In addition, the integrated battery allows extended use of the instrument (it is also possible to use additional external battery solutions). The POMA team can also rely on assistance from OROS and our advanced expertise in on-site measurements. Read more.



A new eNVH module to characterize electromagnetic sources

OROS proposes a new software module dedicated to the characterization of electromagnetic sources on top of the classical mechanical sources. This solution has been developed in collaboration with  EOMYS, a specialist in electromagnetic noise. This unique EVHV module complements perfectly the OROS NVH solutions range featuring among others TPAmodal analysis, sound quality and source localization: with this new tool, OROS offers the most advanced and comprehensive solution to the challenges of e-NVH: software, services and instrumentation. More info.

NEW! SOUNDSPOT – Spot the loudest noise source immediately

OROS’s beamforming solution SoundSpot is the lightest handheld real-time sound camera on the market. Unlike the traditionally heavy and expensive instruments, SoundSpot’s ultra-compact, light-weight design and affordable price allows the user to perform acoustic measurements anywhere, anytime. Post-processing software SoundSpot-office is also available for post-analysis of the data exported from SoundSpot. More info.

Advanced temporary monitoring

Turbomachinery or electric drivetrains often require active monitoring of their vibration levels: in particular after a new installation, a sensitive maintenance operation or unpredictable vibrations during operation. For this purpose, OROS provides the solution for advanced attended or unattended machine monitoring, providing detailed results which allow the fault to be properly diagnosed. More info.



OROS is pleased to announce the launch of our new website, intended to enhance your user experience with a modern interface. This new website has been enriched with new sections to improve the way we meet your expectations. It provides the full set of our solutions designed to maximize efficiency for you. Take a look and share your feedback with us!

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